Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chuck Nicholas Provides Help for Duet Acting and Choric Speaking

I teach Drama at Bob Jones Academy and Dr. Bryant has asked me to give you some Duet Acting Sources.

The best sources are from plays that you find and cut yourself at Bakers, Dramatists, and Samuel French. When you cut from the whole, you know what you are getting.

Brooklyn Publishing and Mushroom Press (both are Internet based) have scripts that you can buy from a catalog that is online. Google the sites. I believe one of the sites will let you read a few pages of the script as a preview. Generally you pay for two scripts and you get the right to perform in competition without any royalties due. Trouble is they are both secular sources and will have some objectionable elements in them. Personally, I edit them for class. Of course some are more suitable than others.

I believe Nicky Chavers at the Academy of Arts has a website called Findaspeech.com that would have Christian cuttings. There is also an old source called Wetmore Declamation Bureau that sells scripts. I believe that you can Google both sites.

Hopefully this helps,
Chuck Nicholas