Saturday, January 12, 2013

Online Academic Testing Registration with TestPoint

Online registration is OPEN for ALL online testing for grades 3-12 from January 10-15.  All questions need to be addressed to your GACS TestPoint contact. Let us know if you are having problems with the registration.  TestPoint will bill you.

"As you know, the ordering window for the Academic Testing Competition Program is open until Tuesday, January 15. Please take note of the following information about ordering additional tests after the order window has closed:
  • The initial order must be placed between January 10 and 15. Whether you order 1 test or 100, the initial order must be placed during the ordering window. No school will be allowed late registration. 
  • Additional tests may be added to that initial order any time up until the end of the testing period, as long as those additional tests can be completed by the testing deadline. 
    • Using the school login code that each school receives upon placing an order, a school can log in to its school portal on the TestPoint™ site and order additional tests. 
  • For example, if a school orders 10 tests on January 14, that school can order additional tests any time before the testing window closes on February 21. 
  • Please note that no refunds will be provided for tests that were ordered but never taken. 
Have a wonderful weekend!"

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