Friday, February 1, 2013

TestPoint Online Academic Testing Helps

This is from Kathy Bailey at Covenant Christian Academy as a help for you.

GACS ONLINE Academic Testing

Directions for using TestPoint - Read and follow these carefully.

1.    Enter your school student access information on the computer.
2.    Go to
3.    Mouse over the “Testing Products” header link
         and select “Academic Testing” from the drop-down menu.
4.    Select “Existing Customers” from the options on the right side of the screen.
5.    Click on “Student” at the top of the webpage.
6.    Enter the School Code: ___________
7.    Type your first and last name in the correct boxes.
8.    Select “elementary”, “junior high”, or “high school”.
9.    Select your grade level from the drop-down box.
10.                       Select the test subject you’re taking from the drop-down box.
(If you’re not sure which test to select, check with administrator first.)
     …and wait for the test administrator to check the page before you begin the test.

11.                       Click “start test” when ready to begin the test.
                  (You’ll have a maximum of 90 minutes to finish.)
12.                       Read the cheating statement and check the box when you have read and     
                understood the statement.
13.                       Each test may include several sets of directions.
Read each set of directions carefully.
14.                       Use the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons beneath each question to
               navigate through the test. Click the number squares to see which
     questions you have answered and which ones were skipped over.
15.                       DO NOT USE THE BACK OR FORWARD BUTTONS ON THE    
                    INTERNET BROWSER!!
16.                       Complete and submit the test when you have finished it.
17.                       Let the test administrator know when you have finished the test.
            (The test will automatically end at 90 minutes, so watch your time.)

*Calculators may be used on these tests only:
SENIOR HIGH SCIENCES: biology, chemistry, physics  
SENIOR HIGH MATH: algebra/geometry, accounting, advanced math

Test Administrators: If a student loses the page during testing due to internet disconnection, etc… call Amber at 1-888-988-5884 to ask for her help to reset the test time. The student will be able to continue working from where they left off when the test resets.