Friday, January 6, 2012

Late Registration and Other Thoughts

• it is possible to register late via the Internet – HOWEVER, there is a $50 fee for this service, and it should not be used except in an emergency. In order to register late, a school must call the GACS Office directly and make arrangements to do so.

• You may pay your Fine Arts fees in two installments, but you must send your first payment, ALONG WITH A PRINTOUT OF THE TALLY SHEET, postmarked by the day after Internet registration closes. The easiest way for us to record this is if you pay all of one or two types of fees at a time. For example: 1st payment – all JH/SH fees, 2nd payment – all other fees. If you choose to pay in installments, the final payments are due on January 30 for Secondary and March 3 for Elementary.

• Do your best to find out how many parents and other visitors will attend the competition. However, if you cannot finalize this number until closer to the event, don’t worry about it too much. Just call us by March 1st with your estimate. The reason we ask for the number is to give those preparing meals an idea of how many to expect, and we give them this number about a week before the event. Any visitors to the competition not attending in an official capacity may purchase lunch tickets at the registration desk on that day.

• For Elementary competition, anyone who wishes to eat lunch on campus must pay for it ahead of time, as the lunches are catered. You may send a check for the number of additional lunches needed by the first week in April. Anyone who has not purchased a lunch ticket in advance will have to eat off campus or bring their own lunch.

• Be sure to double and triple check your internet registrations. Go back and check again two or three days after you think it’s all done, just to be sure. If you’ve forgotten something, or information has been lost in cyberspace, it is MUCH easier to correct or replace EARLY in the registration process. When you are certain all your registration is done, print out the ISP REPORT and keep it on file. If anything gets lost on our end, this is your proof that it was our fault! 

• Due to the tremendous volume of work involved in processing the dozens of applications coming to the GACS office, we must ask for everyone’s cooperation in sending materials and payments on time. This is vital if we are to prepare the academic tests to be sent to your school on time, get necessary information to the judges, do all the scheduling and get schedules printed and mailed to you a few days before competition! No applications for competition will be accepted if postmarked after the dates listed on the calendar. Any changes to registration must be made within one week after the registration deadline, and no additional changes (other than drops) will be made past that point.

• The week for changes is also the week for refunds. Once that deadline has passed, no drops will be refunded.